Drake Bay is piece of heaven here on Earth!

This pristine area of spectacular beauty offers visitors many places to enjoy. Not only for its diverse flora and fauna, but also for its pleasant weather almost all year around, local and foreign tourists will want to stay.

We invite you to visit our beautiful and natural Drake Bay, in the safest and most comfortable way, on board of our boats. We also have a highly qualified staff. All of these for an excellent price.

Drake Bay

A place to visit!

A place to enjoy!

A place to love!

Do it with us!

Mission and Vision

We are a company dedicated exclusively to maritime transportation in Drake Bay and its surroundings.
As natives, we have 20 years of experience in the art of navigation on river and sea.
Our boats are manufactured by experts with not only suitable, but also premium materials for the activity we do, following high safety standards. In addition, the outboard motors our boats have are from leading brands. Needless to say, they are also in perfect condition.

Every vessel has its insurance up to date. All these details are kept for the safety and tranquility of our customers.
Our mission is to have more and more people knowing about the beautiful area of Drake Day. We want you to come and enjoy all the wonders this place is offering, without altering or disturbing the flora and fauna that have made this place their home.
Our commitment to the environment is as important as the one we have with our clients: provide you the highest wellness with the minimum risk.
We hope this area remains a place of great 100% natural beauty that can be enjoyed by our children, grandchildren and beyond, as well as tourists from the present and future generations. We hope and work for Drake Bay to continue offering real and pure nature at its finest.